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FLIC luminaries are the only luminaries made in the USA. Their luminaries have been around since 2001, and available online since 2003 and are, by far, the highest-quality luminaries available today. All luminaries available on the FLIC Luminaries website are an injection-mold luminary and the only one-piece luminary offered through this high standard manufacturing process.

With one quick look at the FLIC luminary you will immediately be impressed with the sturdiness of this product. It's thick, it's rigid, it's solid! Each luminary weighs 1/2 lb without the addition of lights or stakes, or added weight to secure them. That's a half pound of polymer per luminary! Essentially, these luminaries are rigid, polymer boxes, but they are stylized to look like the traditional paper bags.

FLIC luminaries are a high-design product. The interior of the luminary includes a platform for lighting and can accommodate many forms of lighting, including C7 light strings, LED tea lights, and also real tea candles. C9 bulbs are also possible to use in these luminaries if a hole is drilled through the platform inside of them. From a call to FLIC I was told their luminaries have even been adapted for the standard house bulb size (A19/A60) when they custom-built a luminary light show for the deck of a US destroyer ship in Maryland. That kind of flexibility with light source, along with the superior build of the luminary makes FLIC luminaries the easy pick for every kind of commercial application. They have a zero-failure rate under any conditions; high winds, rain/snow/ice. These are the luminaries used by municipalities across America, as well as many big businesses, from shopping centers and hotel chains to botanic gardens. 4-color custom printing is also possible, making the potential endless!

Advantages: The biggest advantage to FLIC luminaries are the quality of build. They have a 10 year warranty! You can stand on them! It is unlikely you will ever have to replace these luminaries in your lifetime. Their style is timeless and beautiful. They are offered in an assortment of colors and can be custom 4-color printed. These really are the only commercial option available today.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage is the price. Also, the space required to store them. The luminaries are a solid one-piece that nests together with each other. The nesting reduces their space needs but they don't smash flat for storage.

Neighborhood luminary program: FLIC Luminaries is the only luminary company that has organized neighborhood luminary programs. There is a reason for that... they offer the best luminaries for using in a sustained luminary program. They offer their organized luminary programs through a special website - hoaluminaries.com

2023 UPDATE: Starting beginning of November 2023 FLIC will offer flame bulbs that totally bring life to your luminaries! This is a game changer! CLICK HERE to see the new flame bulbs!

Visit FLIC Luminaries website by clicking here.

Commercial customers should visit FLIC Luminaries bulk pricing page.

Posted by Kamlesh Pale
Kamlesh is a luminary enthusiast living in El Paso, Texas, and owns and tests luminaries from all three luminary producers shown in this article. Kamlesh has a background involving the development of many products in several areas.
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  1. FLIC worked great for our luminary event. Their support was remarkable!

  2. These are the luminaries used at Desert Botanical Gardens. They have been using them for a decade or so. I purchased them maybe 5 years ago and they are still like new. They do not wear out and they also look the best of all luminaries I have seen and I live in the Southwest, where luminaries started. I know luminaries.

  3. Love the flic luminaries... though we call them luminaria here in New Mexico. Unfortunately, I tried the other two brands before finding flic and they didn't last more than two years. I bet these flic luminaria will last at least the 10 years they warranty them for. Buy carefully... buy flic and only buy once!

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