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There are three luminary companies, with three different styles of plastic luminaries. These are the choices in non-paper luminaries. Paper luminaries are basically just paper bags (same style paper bags used in many retail stores). The traditional luminaries were a simple paper bag with sand and a candle inside. Paper bag luminaries are not considered as any form of comparable luminary to plastic luminaries because they truly are a "throw away" luminary. Paper bag luminaries can not handle any form of moisture without losing structural integrity and easily fall apart, leaving the user with a clean-up mess of sand piles everywhere their luminaries were placed. Therefore, we will classify plastic luminaries as "permanent luminaries" even though there are differences in qualities that determine just how permanent they are. "Permanent" relates here to durability.

There are three elements of a luminary: first, the luminary itself. The luminary gives you a desired look, while having a light source shine through it and also during daylight without light shining through. The second element is the light source inside the luminary, giving you the needed light. The third element is the stake or weight system to keep the luminary secured to the ground or wall.

The three luminary companies are FLIC Luminaries, LumaBase, and RC Company. The designs offered by these companies are very different from each other. All three companies, and designs, are well-established in the market and have been around for quite some time. All three have advantages and disadvantages. Compare all the factors and decide based on how you want to use your luminaries. If you plan to decorate your home for the holidays, and are looking for a "permanent" solution, consider spending more and buy something that will last. If you are just looking for luminaries for a one-day holiday event or birthday party, consider saving money with low-cost luminaries. If you are looking for a commercial-grade luminary, definitely go for the very best.

Comparison FLIC Luminaries LumaBase RC Company
Luminaries in a Set 12 10 10
Comparable* Price $71.96 $47.95 $42.00
Price Per Luminary $5.99 $4.79 $4.20
Set Weight 8 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs
Luminary Size (HxWxD) 9"x6"x4" 10.5"x6"x3.5" 10"x9"x4"
Luminary Thickness 1/8" 1/32" 1/64"
Luminary Weight .5 lbs .25 lbs .2 lbs
Luminary Pieces 1-piece Construction 1-piece Construction 4-piece Construction
Light Bulb Size C7 C7 C9
Light Bulb Watts 7W 5W 7W
Light String Length 36 ft 30 ft 30 ft
Stake Length 8 inch 4 inch 5 inch
Quality Commercial / Residential Residential Residential
Warranty 10-Year 45-day Return None

*Comparable prices for the closest match of luminaries, including light strings, bulbs, securing weight / stakes.

Luminary Thickness

Comparison in a nutshell: If you are looking for durability and ease of use, FLIC Luminaries is the way to go. Especially if you want them for commercial purposes. If you are looking for residential style choices, LumaBase has some amazing styles and options, including their LumaBase system for securing luminaries on concrete. If you are looking for the most-affordable luminaries with many options, styles and colors, the RC Company is definitely most-affordable and is the only company still offering a real bag luminary.

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Kamlesh is a luminary enthusiast living in El Paso, Texas, and owns and tests luminaries from all three luminary producers shown in this article. Kamlesh has a background involving the development of many products in several areas.
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  1. Very helpful information about luminary options. FLIC is definitely the solution for our micro-brewery festive lighting.

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