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The RC Company has been around since 1984. Their luminary products have been available in major retail stores for a long time. The focus is on offering an effective luminary at a reasonable cost. This practicality has worked well for their long history and looks promising for a bright future.

The "Electric Luminaries Kits" offer a very affordable way for consumers to start lighting up their worlds. This is the only of the three companies that keeps the tradition of having luminary bags. Their bags are vinyl, not paper, so they can handle some level of weather. The bright side with these luminaries is the low cost to replace lost or damaged bags. And for just a few dollars, you can flip colors and create a completely different look. Their innovative design is to have the bag attached to their frame upside down, preventing weather in around the light source. This makes for a very original look. But if you prefer to look more "traditional" like a paper bag, you can simply cut the closed top part of the bag away and then you have the traditional look of a bag with the top open.

If you are looking for an assortment of luminary styles, the luminarias offered on the RC Company website will put a smile on your face. Many colors and themes are offered, as well as die-cut designs for something completely original! And if you own an adobe-style home you may be interested in their parrot clips which allow you to secure their luminaries on an adobe wall, or just about any wall.

Advantages: The biggest advantage to RC Company luminaries is the entry price. They are the most-affordable non-paper luminary on the market today. Another big advantage is the style options, giving you a broad color selection and die-cut original designs. Last, their parrot clip is worth mentioning for it's ability to attach their luminaries to the top of walls. Many buyers are looking for this option.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage is the possibility the bags could blow off their frames. Using rubber bands to secure the bags when windy may be an option in some places in America, but not for areas with freezing weather because rubber bands don't work well when frozen.

Visit the RC Company website by clicking here.

Posted by Kamlesh Pale
Kamlesh is a luminary enthusiast living in El Paso, Texas, and owns and tests luminaries from all three luminary producers shown in this article. Kamlesh has a background involving the development of many products in several areas.
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