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LumaBase started back in 1989 by a family of father, son and daughter. Their company offers a wide selection of luminary products really focused on homeowners.

A visit to the LumaBase website will expose you to many colors and styles of luminaries. Many of their offerings are quite distinct and also quite whimsical with their party time multi-color luminary kits. If you are looking for the tallest luminaries, look no further! LumaBase "tops" them all!

You may be wondering where the term "LumaBase" comes from. LumaBase is the trademarked name for their weighted bases that help secure their luminaries to the ground. Essentially, the LumaBases are small plastic "water tank" boxes that hold water and are placed in the bottom of each luminary to keep them from blowing away outdoors. Perfect if you desire placing luminaries on concrete walks or patios. No messy sand!

Advantages: The biggest advantage to the LumaBase line is how well they pack down when not in use. Each luminary folds flat, eliminating the need for a large storage space. Other advantages include their nice tall height and broad assortment of colors and imprinted styles. This company really focuses on homeowners and their needs.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage to these luminaries is their inability to handle extreme weather. Strong wind is a definite adversary to these luminaries. But if you have protected areas or live where extreme weather isn't common around the holidays, these luminaries offer you a great option!

Visit the LumaBase website by clicking here.

Posted by Kamlesh Pale
Kamlesh is a luminary enthusiast living in El Paso, Texas, and owns and tests luminaries from all three luminary producers shown in this article. Kamlesh has a background involving the development of many products in several areas.
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